Quadrillion tons of diamond discovered deep within the Earth

The next blow to Big Diamond might have just arrived. Using sound waves, geologists have discovered a gigantic stash of the so-called precious stones deep in the Earth’s interior, possibly to the tune of a quadrillion tons. — Read on newatlas.com/quadrillion-tons-diamond-cratons/55483/ Advertisements

A jewelry design collection born from a chandelier 

So an interesting turn of events happened while giving a friendly tour of my home to the C.E.O of Icebox&Co. While strolling through my dinning room he was captivated by the swirls in my chandelier. These swirls formed what looked like a small cage and he commented how beautiful it would look as a Pendant…


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Gold & Diamond Pendant

Gold & Diamond Pendant | BUY IT NOW I can’t be happier at the way this design came out. Each individual diamond was set in its own basket and so each diamond moves freely. I gave it a brushed finish which completes the elegant look. This design makes a statement and gets noticed by everyone….

New Tie Bar by Jay LaManno

    I finally finished my new tie bar! This bar will be available soon for purchase @ jaylamanno.com

Custom Designed Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

I had the privilege of working with a client who wanted a vintage looking ring for his girlfriend. I designed this ring with that in mind and created a fancy design in Rose Gold and Diamonds. Everything went perfect and the client was very happy with the results! Here is the actual quote from his…

New engagement ring for a client

A customer came to me with a particular design that he wanted for his wife. I was more than happy to help him develop the perfect ring for the love of his life. The end result was absolutely beautiful…. And she said yes!